Spanish for foreigners in Madrid

Professional and certified teachers

Learn Spanish in our academy located in the Chamberí neighbourhood. You can choose between group or individual classes. There are several schedule, theme and price options so that our classes fit in with your lifestyle.

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Native Spanish Teachers

You’ll always have direct access to a native Spanish-speaking teacher – which is incredibly important for your Spanish accent and listening abilities.

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100% in Spanish

Perfect your pronunciation and gain real confidence in your spoken Spanish with personalised classes in our academy wity native professional teachers.

Spanish classes for foreigners in Madrid private classes one to one classes group courses

Learn and practice Spanish in good company

Group Spanish classes are more fun and you can learn much more by interacting in real conversation with the opinions of all those involved to the group classes.

Whether you’re just a beginner starting your first  Spanish course or an advanced learner hoping to perfect your business Spanish, our Spanish classes with  professional teachers are the fastest way to gain confidence in your Spanish!

Get confidence

With our Spanish classes you can have live conversations, ask questions and get an immediate response. We will help you to reach your goals.

Please take a look at what some students say!

” I learned a lot. It wasn't hard to study and it was just few hours per week. I really enjoyed learning Spanish with Cris. “
Lara Jones
Boston, United States
”Cris did a very good job making sure I understood before moving onto a new topic. I'm really learning!.“
Thomas D.
London, United Kingdom
” Great teacher, very friendly and dynamic. I love her Spanish classes."
Lis Warren
Manchester, U.K.

Why you should learn Spanish with our teachers

Our teachers love to teach, and they want their classes to be fun so that their students learn to enjoy speaking the Spanish language.

Classes are planned based on what students need and have a very relaxed atmosphere that help you lose your fear of speaking Spanish.

General Spanish conversation

Our General Spanish course conversation helps you develop the language you need to use in everyday life. A wide range topics are covered and based around dialogues containing many examples of the language you need to learn. This is by far the best way to improve your real spoken Spanish and listening abilities and get to a level where you can use it in real life situations. 

Spanish for business and job interviews

Our business Spanish classes focuses on improving your executive speaking, listening, and reading skills. The lessons will help you build your work-related Spanish vocabulary and general Spanish fluency.

The course emphasis is oral fluency with vocabulary and grammar to help you convey exactly what you mean.

We will focus on human resources, sales, a presentation, a job interview, or whatever else you need.   The classes are designed to give you confidence in a job interview and professional situations.

dele preparation course

We also help you with your preparation for the DELE and SIELE exams, so you can get an official certification that accredits the level of knowledge of the Spanish language. Our teachers have a lot of experience preparing students to pass the exam. Tailored preparation with the structure and exercises of the examen.

Planes & Pricing for Groups

5 Students max.


40 3 Hour per week
  • Improve your fluency with real life situations.
  • Fun and dynamic classes


150 3 Hour per week
  • Structured learning plans
  • Vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, and writing


430 3 Hour per week
  • You can combine conversation and grammar classes
  • With this pack you can save money
Special Offer

Planes & Pricing One to one


30 1 Hour
  • Improve your fluency
  • Flexible schedule
  • Real life situations
  • Dynamic classes
  • Customised classes to your needs


35 1 Hour
  • Structured learning plans
  • Vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, and writing
  • Tailored language classes based on your needs.

pack 10

300 10 Classes
  • You can combine conversation and grammar classes
  • No time limite to use your 10 classes
  • Access to online .classes included
  • customised to your needs
Special Offer

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